Zach Thomas


Zach is a licensed Professional Boxing Instructor and is certified in Parkinson’s instruction. He leads small group classes and will individualize a safe boxing session for any fitness level one-on-one.

He is the pride of Cincinnati’s rich heritage in boxing. With over 30-years of experience as a professional boxer & boxing instructor, Zach can work with any age and ability level.

Zach was the 1999 Regional Golden Gloves Champion, a 1999 National Golden Gloves participant, 2000 American Boxing Classic Runner-up, 2001 World Toughman Contest winner, and is certified in the “Move it or Lose it for Parkinson’s Disease Program”.


APDA Certificate: PD Awareness Training for Fitness Professionals
Brian Grant Foundation Certificate for Exercise For PD Training

To reach Zach, please call him at 513-390-8298