Tana Kirkbride

CCF: How long have you been training with CCF? Have you done any other personal training classes, or do you just take Tabata classes?

TK: I have been taking Tabata classes for about three years since Lisa started teaching them at Ault Park. I have taken yoga and Pilates classes and worked out with a personal trainer, but I haven’t been as consistent with them. I have been running since 2002.

CCF: How do you feel that high impact interval training (HIIT) helps your training as a runner?

TK: HIIT training helps me build strength all over. Because I run a lot, I was not maintaining upper body or core strength. I have found since adding Tabata classes that after long runs my lower back is not as sore. I maintain better posture when running and feel stronger overall at the end of my cardio workouts. Even though I don’t like burpeesor jumping exercises, I think they also help my running.

CCF: What is your main training focus? Do you use Tabata to supplement your running, or more for all-around general health/fitness?

TK: I use Tabata for strength training to help me be a better, stronger runner. It also helps me maintain muscle strength as I get older.

CCF: Can you describe what it is you like about the Tabata-style workout?

TK: Overall I like Tabata/HIIT classes because even after three years they are still a really good workout and kick my butt week after week. There is a consistent format, but the exercises are different every week. Lisa, Kristi and now, Paige, are constantly bringing new exercises and combinations to the workout so that the class is challenging.

They also offer modifications for every level in the class. I always want to go to class. Even if I have run really long runs over the weekend and my legs feel tired on Monday night, I know I can go to class and make modifications by doing a lower impact leg workout and challenge myself with the upper body part of the workout.

CCF: You’ve recently joined CCF’s new VaultFit class on Wednesday nights. What you think of it so far? What’s different about it that you really like?

TK: The new VaultFit class on Wednesday is great. I like the new combinations that this class has and that there are some new tools that the instructors are using, especially the bands and gliders. Paige increases the difficulty of the class by combining moves so that we are constantly moving and keeping our heart rates up.