I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) 21 years ago in January of 1995. It came as a complete shock to my wife me. After the initial shock wore off, we both did research on MS. My doctor, at the time, put me on a therapy called Avonex, which was a regimen to slow disease progression and  entailed a weekly shot. My doctor also suggested an exercise program. We belonged to a local gym, and I  worked out a few times a week.

In 2003, we joined the Healthplex in Anderson Township. After a year, my wife signed me up to work with a personal trainer, and I was fortunate to be assigned Lisa Coors.

Lisa has been a godsend. She has done a ton of research on MS over the years, and I still see Lisa once a week.

The workouts and the stretching I do has kept me on my feet and walking, which may not sound like a lot, but as MS is a progressive disease, I believe the training with Lisa and also the change in my diet has greatly helped limit the disease’s progression. I have also attended a few sponsored events put on by the MS Society, and I have met people who have had  MS for less time, and they are either in wheelchairs or needed some type of walking assistance.

The nutrition plan I have been on for the past 18 months is called the Wahl’s Diet.

Dr. Terry  Wahls was diagnosed with MS 17 years ago, and within just a few years of her diagnosis, she was confined to a wheelchair. Being thus confined, Dr. Wahls found the time to do her own MS research and determined the nutrients persons MS most needed. She eventually authored a book on this research titled: The Wahls Protocol.

After 20 months on the diet Dr. Wahls was out of her wheelchair, walking a couple of miles a day, and riding her bike to work (about 25 miles round trip).

I contribute my quality of life to the diet changes I have made and also the training with Lisa, and I truly believe these have had a tremendous effect on how I feel.