CCF Client spotlight: Kathy Almand

This month we feature an interview with Kathy Almand, a graduate of Xavier University with a masters degree in education and retired private caterer and food management professional. Kathy has been a CCF client for two years.CCF: Kathy, what made you seek a personal trainer, and what issues did you feel you needed help with?

KA: My neurologist strongly recommended Parkinson’s specific exercise to gain back lost abilities and prevent further deterioration.  Use it or lose it certainly applies to PWP. I think strength, endurance, and balance are my main issues, but I have never liked anything to do with sports or exercise. Without Lisa’s cheery, positive encouragement I would probably have given up long ago.

CCF: How has training with CCF changed your life, and what can you do now that you couldn’t do before the start of your training?

KA: Training with Lisa has changed my life both mentally and physically.  The ability to give up my walker has been the greatest thing. I have fewer limitations on where I can go, independence, and I feel “well” versus “sick”.  I also have greatly improved balance — not being stopped by a sidewalk curb if there is nothing to hold.  I have regained the ability to do some of those little things we take for granted until they are gone like bringing in the newspaper.  Confidence and ability rely on each other and Lisa and her team are great cheerleaders for both.

CCF: What would you suggest to someone who is thinking about starting an exercise program?

KA: For someone thinking about starting an exercise program first decide if you are a “big gym” person or if small and personal is more your style.  Then try a place to see if it fits you. If it doesn’t (give it a fair try — don’t judge on once or twice) feel right try another until you do get a good fit, but don’t give up.  I was very lucky to find my right place on my first try.

CCF: What do you think is the most important exercise and why?

KA: I don’t think there is a “most important exercise” any more than we can be healthy on one food. The many different exercises we do work on various parts of the body as well as different skills and keep it from being boring.  All things that maintain and improve strength and mobility are important.