CCF: What started you on your weight-loss journey? What was it that finally clicked within you to start it? How did you start with Lisa, and how have you changed over those years?

Jean: I was very overweight and feeling like I was just meant to be heavy. My daughter encouraged me to set up an appointment with Lisa, so I did. What clicked for me was the fact that I was not going to be able to lose weight without outside help. So, I signed up and began my journey to get fit and healthy.

Doug: Pain is my motivation right now. Nine surgeries in ten years has taken a huge toll on my body. Being sedentary for so long leaves me with about 60 pounds to lose. Jean has had great success with Lisa, so I knew she could help me too, and being held accountable motivates me.

I wanted to start an exercise program that wouldn’t result in injury as well as beginning a more healthy eating lifestyle that I can deal with. Lisa makes all that possible.

CCF: Why was Doug not involved when you first started, and what is it that has made him start his journey now?

Jean: He was always involved because he knew I wasn’t happy with myself. What he didn’t realize, I think, was just how much time I would devote to changing my lifestyle and eating habits. So he was grumpy from time to time, but I didn’t — and don’t –compromise my workouts — for anything.

I’m not sure what made him start his journey. I’m just happy that he has reached a point where he is ready to commit to making a change. He’s been in pain for so long and doesn’t want to live in pain, so that has something to do with it.

He’s seen that being fit and eating right works, but finally he’s in a place that he is mentally ready.

CCF: Is Doug more supportive since he is taking this journey with you? How do you feel about sharing that journey with him, and what have been your combined results to date?

Jean: He’s always supportive, but in the beginning he thought that my working out all the time took time away from our time together.

In the past five years we’ve never really eaten together because we weren’t eating anything in common. I’m so happy he signed up with Lisa and is eating so much better. We now eat things in common so we can eat together. Occasionally we don’t though because we each like different kinds of foods. We’ve shown that two people can be on their own journeys at different times and it doesn’t matter. We have the same end goals.

Together we’ve lost 125 pounds. I’ve lost over 100 pounds on my journey with Lisa, and I am more fit now than I was in my 20s, 30s, or 40s. Doug’s journey is just beginning, but he has lost 15 pounds in his first month.