Coors Core Fitness Success Story: Dr. Jay Hoffman

When Dr. Jay Hoffman started training with Lisa Coors 12 years ago, he was more than 100 pounds overweight. A hip replacement made it difficult for him to get active, although he knew that was exactly what he needed to do to stay healthy.

“I wasn’t sure I could do it,” said Dr. Jay, at Coors Core Fitness, after an intense workout with Lisa. “But I decided to stay positive. I told myself that the first time is the hardest.” He let Lisa lead him through rigorous workouts two to three times each week, eventually shedding the extra pounds and getting strong and fit enough to compete in intense, demanding triathlon races.

“I work out with Lisa to do all the things I wouldn’t do on my own,” said Dr. Jay, who needs no extra motivation to hit the trails, cycle, or swim. “I’m good with the outdoor stuff. But when it comes to weight training and cardio, I rely on my training with Lisa.” And, he said Lisa’s knowledge of nutrition has been essential in his quest to lose weight.

Consider this: When Dr. Jay began working with Lisa he weighed 289. Today he is down to 189 pounds.

Dr. Jay and his exercise partner, Dr. Joe Garland, are active cyclists who take part every year in Calvin’s Challenge, a 12 hour bike race in Springfield, Ohio that covers 244 miles. Two years ago the duo took top honors at the race – a true testament to how far Dr. Jay has come in his commitment to fitness.

Ready to get started reaching your own fitness milestones? Take some advice from Dr. Jay.

    • Make sure you work out with a skilled personal trainer who can help ensure you perform your exercises properly to avoid injury.
    • Get a training buddy. “Find a great cyclist who can teach you how to ride a bike, or go to a group fitness class with someone,” says Dr. Jay.
    • Sign up for a race or other fitness event. Dr. Jay suggests the Heart Mini-Marathon or other 5k walk or race to get you started.
    • Don’t give up. Dr. Jay suggests thinking of about future event you’ve got to attend for motivation. Who doesn’t want to look good at their high school reunion?