Eddie George – Certified Personal Pooch


Hi,  I’m Eddie George, Coors Core Fitness’ Studio Dog and Certified Personal Pooch!  I’ve been a member of the Coors Core Fitness  Family since September 2017 but my public introduction was delayed until I received some on-the-job training.  My primary responsibilities are looking cute, being available for petting and belly rubs (which not only make me happy but can be a calming influence on the clients) and generally making people smile when they see me.  When I’m not on duty at the studio, I enjoy long walks with Lisa, barking at other dogs and digging for moles.

I recently earned my own column in the CCF newsletter.  I get to answer client’s questions about fitness, fitness with dogs and pretty much anything else they want to ask me. Email me your questions and comments at eddiefitdog@yahoo.com.  We will publish one or two of them with answers in the next newsletter.

I am also on Facebook if you want to friend me.