Overtraining: Know the Risks and When to Slow Down

It’s tough not to get excited about a new workout – and even tougher not to put one hundred percent determination and enthusiasm behind a training program or preparation for a big race. We want to get in shape, push ourselves to the limits, and prove to ourselves that we are stronger and tougher than we were the day before.

Sometimes, however, that unbridled energy can keep us from reaching our fitness goals. Overtraining can tax our bodies, minds and spirits, causing injuries that keep us on the sidelines.

“I’m consistently asking my clients what they are doing when they are not training with me. If they are exercising seven days a week at a high intensity, then they are most likely overtraining,” said Patrick Gilpin, Coors Core Fitness’s newest trainer. “I’ve been in the field long enough to tell if they are or not and if they are doing P90x-Insantiy or some form of CrossFit on the days they should be resting. More is not always better.”

Patrick recommends his clients listen to their bodies and slow down as soon as they feel they are working to hard for too long.

“I make sure my clients are getting the correct rest periods through the different phases of training, proper nutrition, water and sleep,” said Patrick. “And I tell them to try to live stress free.

Coors Core Fitness owner Lisa Coors discusses the risks of overtraining and how to tell if its time to slow down.

Why is overtraining so risky?

Lisa: Usually, most people don’t know they are overtraining. By the time they figure it out, they are injured. Once injured, the injury cannot just affect their ability to exercise but their ability to work or go to school. Some injuries require surgery and rehabilitation, which can cost a lot if the patient does not have the insurance.

Why do people overtrain?

Lisa: I see overtraining come from two major areas: Coach/Trainer led programs and self-induced exercise addiction. The first category could be a high school athlete whose coach/trainer dictates a program to progressive for that athlete. This can also be an adult athlete training for their first marathon. The second area comes from exercise addictions. I see this more in adult runners and triathletes. Some of these athletes can’t say no to their routine even if all the signs are there for overtraining.

How do you know if you are overtraining?

Lisa: Most common are: can’t fall asleep at night, irritability, lack of mental clarity and tired during the daytime.

How can you recover from overtraining?

Lisa: Overtraining can only stop when the athlete is injured or sees the signs listed above. I recommend the athlete write down their workouts and show them to a trainer or coach. Usually some tweeking to the workout schedule will help take down the intensity unless the athlete is so injured they are told not to exercise by their physician.

Renowned Parkinson’s Disease Training Consultant Comes to Cincinnati in March

Wendy Williamson, Ph.D. is a pioneer in the field of Parkinson’s Disease research in exercise and fitness training.

CINCINNATI  – Coors Core Fitness, an Anderson Township full service medical fitness facility that provides comprehensive, cutting-edge fitness programs for those with Parkinson’s Disease, will host an event Saturday March 21 with Wendy Williamson, Ph.D., one of the industry’s most recognized and respected Parkinson’s training consultants.

The event, titled “Specific Exercises for Parkinson’s Disease – the Latest Research,” is free and open to the public and will be from 10 a.m. -12 p.m. at the Schiff Conference Center at Xavier University.

“We are honored to bring Dr. Williamson to Cincinnati to teach Parkinson’s patients and their families the latest Parkinson’s specific exercises that can help them manage their PD symptoms. said Lisa Coors, MBA, owner of Coors Core Fitness. “Wendy Williamson will show her latest findings from her research while providing attendees with handouts of exercises to practice on their own.”

We also welcome medical professionals to attend as well as personal trainers, caregivers, social workers etc.

As a member of the faculty of the American Council on Exercise (ACE), Wendy Williamson routinely writes and reviews national certification testing criteria for personal trainers. With a PhD in Health and Human Performance, and recognition in 2005 and 2006 by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as one of the top three personal trainers in the U.S., Wendy Williamson is one of the industry’s most recognized and respected training consultants.

Information: “Specific Exercises for Parkinson’s Disease – the Latest Research with Dr. Wendy Williamson” is from 10 a..m. – 12 p.m. Saturday, March 21,  Xavier University Schiff Conference Center (East Entrance of Cintas Center), 1624 Herald Avenue, Cincinnati, 45207. Registration is free and open to public but advanced registration is required. Register at:https://mdevents.cincyregister.com/pd-xavier or at www.coorscorefitness.com.

We’re Hiring!

Coors Core Fitness is growing and we need Certified Personal Trainers and pilates reformer instructors! Interested? Give Lisa a call to discuss! (513) 233-CORE (2673)


Lisa Coors Attends The Punch House Downtown Ribbon Cutting

Lisa Coors serves on the Board of Directors of pro-boxer, Danny Calhoun’s The Punch Housefitness training facility. Danny recently opened his newest location downtown at 708 Walnut Street (around the corner from Jeff Ruby’s). As a Board Member, she was honored to assist Danny in the ribbon cutting ceremony officially opening The Punch House Downtown this past Saturday evening. A wonderful evening meeting

Congratulations, Danny – everyone at Coors Core Fitness is so excited for you!

photo-PunchHouse1 photo-PunchHouse2

Parkinson’s Exercise Group in Blue Ash

Coors Core Fitness is pleased to “Morris Braun Foundation” and the Parkinson’s Wellness Chapter. All participants must pre-register by April 1st.The purpose of this free class is to assess the need of PWPs (People with Parkinson’s) for these services. If the need is there, we will eventually host 2 levels of classes.

  • When: Saturdays, April 5th and 12th, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
  • Where: Choice Physical Therapy, 9419 Kenwood Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242 (close to Ronald Reagan Cross County Highway)
  • Register: Email lisa@CoorsCoreFitness.com or call (513) 233-2673