Bonnie Collins

Bonnie was in social work for 26 years. She has had experience working with behavioral adolescents in children at the Butler County Children’s Home, Beech Acres and Children’s Home of Cincinnati. In 2010, she retired from St. Joe’s orphanage as a case manager.

Bonnie began training with Lisa Coors in 2013 and become an assist for the group exercise programs. She also does in-home stretching for clients who need additional help.

In 2017, Bonnie created a support group called Next Chapter. This is a group for spouses and family members who have lost a loved one going through stage four Parkinson’s.

Bonnie has also completed Lisa Coors Parkinson’s Disease program and enjoys working with the CCF clients and understanding them better.


APDA Certificate: PD Awareness Training for Fitness Professionals

To reach Bonnie, please e-mail her at,

or call her at 513-371-1109