About Us

Coors Core Fitness was started in November, 2006 as the “brain child” business of a local and national fitness presenter and trainer. The business welcomes individuals of all abilities and body shape. It is the antithesis of the usual intimidating fitness center.  CCF thrives itself on personalized attention with the client’s goals as the focus for progression style exercise. This fitness home is an educational facility with like-believers that exercise extends and saves lives.

Mission Statement

To provide clients with highly specialized, safe and results oriented personal training services. We train by teaching clients to live healthy lifestyles no matter their size, condition, age or abilities.

Vision Statement

To make post-rehabilitation and specialized personal training services the “status quo” in the Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana area. To accomplish this task, a school will be formed to train personal trainers to become fitness professionals. This will involve learning the CCF specialized training style which includes technical, personality and business skills.

The CCF Promise

At CCF we believe each client shall be treated professionally, ethically and with good character. The following are the “character qualities” you will receive:

    • ENTHUSIASM- All trainers will strive to motivate their clients with a positive attitude.
    • DEPENDABILITY- All trainers are dedicated to the needs and goals of their clients. They will follow through on all client commitments and follow-ups.
    • DILIGENCE- All trainers agree to continue to assist their clients even outside the session if it be research, referrals or follow-up letters to the client’s allied professional.
    • PUNCTUALITY- All trainers will be on time for their session time with their client.
    • CREATIVITY- All trainers will strive to give their clients varied session exercises with a goal that the client does not get bored.
    • PATIENCE- All trainers realize and respect each client’s challenges and areas of opportunity.
    • FLEXIBILITY- All trainers are able to change workout programs based on a client’s physical, mental or emotional state for that particular session..
    • HOSPITALITY- All trainers will do all they can to make a client feel pampered by providing towel service, a clean/sanitized workout area and a smile!