PD Power Team Training

PPT is a group of Fitness and Healthcare Professionals who either lead or assist in teaching the Coors Core Fitness(CCF) Parkinson’s Disease(PD) Exercise Program in their Anderson, Blue Ash and Glendale locations. CCF has been training PD Group Instructors for over 10 years to conduct their classes. As CCF’s PD Exercise Program grows, there is a need for additional instructors to teach and assist the classes.

On Saturday, March 28th from 1-4pm at the CCF studio in Anderson, CCF will be doing a 3 hour training program for those interested in leading or assisting PD classes for CCF. CCF is looking for the following candidates:

  • PD Class Leaders: Certified Personal Trainers, Certified Yoga or Pilates Instructor
  • PD Class Assistants: Group Exercise Instructors, Nurses, Health Care Providers of any type plus anyone who wants to learn the training

The 3 hour course is Part 1 of 3 levels of training. Part 2 & 3 are hands on training with PD groups and will be scheduled at another time. The Part 1 Course “Introduction to PD Training” consists of an overview of PD, symptoms, treatments and the copyrighted Coors Core Fitness PD Training Program.

$100 for ACE Certified Trainers (ACE CEUs will be provided)
$50 for all non- ACE Certified Trainers and all other attendees
Payment must be received by March 23rd. Please email Lisa@CoorsCoreFitness.com to get registered and gain additional information on payment.

Note: All CCF PD Leads and Assistants are paid positions.