Carol Roberts

CCF: How long have you been training with Lisa at CCF?

CR: I have been with Lisa for over 9 years.

CCF: What specifically were you looking for help with?CR: When I started working with Lisa I had just lost almost 40 pounds through the Weight Watchers program. I was able to lose the weight in only 8 months by religiously attending weekly meetings, making better food choices, using portion control, and never failing to track the food I was consuming. I was approaching my 60th birthday with concerns about osteoporosis; CCF seemed like the perfect solution for all my fitness needs.

CCF: How has training with CCF helped you, and what is your favorite part about working out and training at CCF?

CR: I have toned my body by working out twice a week with Lisa, and I have strengthened my core as evidenced through bi-yearly dexascans. My scheduled workouts keep me accountable and focused on my physical well-being; and the fact that no two workouts are ever the same, keeps me motivated and always looking forward to Lisa’s next challenge for me.

Lisa has often complimented my persistence, which also includes the fact that even after achieving my weight loss goal, I still attend weekly meetings and have never stopped tracking my points (I’m now in week 491)!

CCF: Outside of training with Lisa what else do you do to keep fit?

CR: I like to walk several miles twice a week if possible,  and I enjoy strenuous hikes when I can work them in as part of vacation travel.

CCF: Are you retired or working? What do you do in your spare time?

CR: I work part-time as a sales associate in a women’s clothing store. I’m a Cincinnati girl who grew up on Mt. Adams, attended Walnut Hills High School and the University of Cincinnati.

I have been happily married for 45 years, have two married sons and four granddaughters. Travel is my passion, as well as clothes shopping (a costly bi-product of a slimmed down, toned figure)!